Private Wine Vaults

Our Private Wine Vaults come in sizes that hold 8, 16 and 24 cases of wine. Using a combination of vaults allows you take only the amount of storage space you need- ie 8,16,24,32,40,48,56,64 etc. It also makes it easy to upsize and downsize as required.

For example - 2 x 16 Case Vaults side by side becomes a 32 Case Vault. If you want to downsize to 24 cases just take an 8 case vault and drop the 16 case vault rather than moving all of your wine across.

Each compartment in a vault holds 8 standard cases, therefore a 16 case vault would have 2 compartments. This makes stowage and retrieval easy as you never need to move too many cartons to get to the one you want.

All vaults are of timber construction and fitted with a stainless steel latch and secured with your own barrel You will need to purchase a new barrel lock off us for each vault to ensure you are the only one that has the keys. All doors have been manufactured with horizontal ventilation slots that go through to each of the wine storage compartments.

A limited number ofWine Storage Rooms are available for larger collections that allow space for shelving to be set up if required. 

Nice wide carpet tiled hallways provide a pleasant working environment whilst onsite managing your wine stock. Sensor lighting is used to keep illumination time to a minimum but provides plenty of light when required.
Wine cellar DisplayPrivate Wine Vaults in Sydney

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